The Madman’s Garden

NGO NordArt Group. Kultuurikatel, Tallinn September 2008
Composer, Sunleif Rasmussen  /  Conductor, Veronika Portsmuth  /  Director, Robert Annus  /  Lighting, Airi Eras  /  Choreographer, Triin Reemann  /  Photograph by Grete Kodi



“Its dusky, quote-heavy figurative speech, its poetry of existential solitude and its cold beauty produced an aesthetic space of its own in sound, word and staging. Playing an outspoken part in generating this tasteful whole were the fantastic costumes and stage design of Faroese artist Samal Blak. …The number of young people who attended the performance at the ‘cultural temple’ on the site of the former industrial complex on Thursday had never been seen at the opera before.”
— Postimees, Alvar Loog

“Director Robert Annus and designer Samal Blak (Faroe Islands) have worked well together: the infantile stage design produced a surreal atmosphere. The stacks of cardboard fish heads through which light was projected through the orchestra onto the wall had an eerie effect. Having the orchestra on the stage was part of the performance, not like in a classical opera, where they are hidden from view.”
— Sirp, Tui Hirv & Páll Ragnar Pálsson