Life is a Dream

Birmingham Opera Company. Argyle Works, Birmingham March 2012
Composer,  Jonathan Dove  /  Conductor,  William Lacey /  Director, Graham Vick  / Lighting, Giuseppe Di Iorio  /  Choreographer, Ron Howell

Credit list photographer:
Photographs nr 1, 7, 11, 12, 14, 16, 19, 21 ©  Pete Ashton
Photograph nr 22 ©  Tim Robbins



“striking fixtures designed by Samal Blak”

“Designed around a ring of padded cells by Samal Blak, with orchestra and conductor William Lacey at its centre, the production raced up gantries of scaffolding and whirled about on wheeled bunk-beds. It was thrilling and disturbing, wholly committed, a choral surround-sound.”
- The Independent

“There is no separate stage- audience, singers and actors share a single space. The sense of participation, of closeness to the action, is palpable and exhilarating.”
- The Independent

Life is a Dream is an enthralling and surreal parade.”
- Rupert Christiansen, the Telepgraph

“Breathe and move around the space to catch the action taking place on walls, up and down a giant staircase, in and out of a Rover 400 and crashing through stage glass windows is the strong message to the regular punters.”
- Clive Peacock, The Courier