Opera Østfold, Fredriksten Festning- Norway, June 2015
Composer, Giacomo Puccini / Conductor, Magnus Loddgard / Director, Michael McCarthy / Lighting, Giuseppe Di Iorio

Photographs; Stein Johnsen



— Kirsti Andersen, HA (Halden Arbeiderblad)

“A white tower with three floors is the scene’s focal point, and creates a good dynamic when the three acts are played without an interval. The first act takes place on the ground floor, the second act of arch-villain Scarpia tower office, and the third act culminates when the heroine Tosca throws herself from the top.  Large paintings are first part of the artist Cavaradossis studio, but later they become frames for scary images when the artist is tortured. The scenography is very effectively done…..It is quality at all levels to ensure a good audience experience from first to last note.”
—  Maren Ørstavik

Effective set design, great costumes, appropriate lighting and well functioning stage direction praises.
— Fredriksstad Blad, Guttorm Ihlebæ